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Corpus Deae (Essay)

paper version 2017, ebook version 2021

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Who never wondered about the symbolic significance and the historical implications of the Holy Grail? How can we not be challenged by the brutal disgrace of which the Templars? What happened to their precious secrets?


The historical investigation carried out by Anton Parks in this new book highlights the true sources of the sinister conflict which opposed the Templars to the political and religious authorities of their time.


Scrupulously identifying each element, the author reveals an innovative paradigm for understanding these subjects which have unleashed passions over the centuries.


Playing against the traps set by stereotypes and clichés, Anton Parks brings together the scattered pieces of a cult of mysteries which once offered the living example of Triumphant Love over Death, to the point of keeping the Templars away from the Christian version of the Atonement of the Son of God on the cross.


From ancient Egypt to modern Freemasonry, Anton Parks spent countless hours researching, collecting and compiling all the clues necessary for this extraordinary study:  this essay will undoubtedly destabilize you!

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