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Awakening of the Phoenix

- Ğirkù Chronicles 3

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"We are delighted to announce the release for September 2010 of Chroniques du Girku, vol. 3 "The Awakening of the Phoenix": The Awakening of the Phoenix takes up the story in which Ádam Genisiš ends abruptly. Horus, the young son of Isis, is facing a difficult geopolitical situation...

In this context, Horus have to recover the territories of his father (Osiris): it's a long and painful battle, where he will have to impose his autority among the clergy, not only as son of Osiris, but subsequently, as the reincarnation of Osiris himself."


"The quest for Horus will force him to conduct his own investigation about the disappearance of Osiris, but also have to investigate into the origins of his mother, and her most obscure history. Horus will discover that his uncle Seth (Enlíl), is not only the murderer of Osiris and a thief of territories (...).


The quest for Horus is all the more difficult since he will have to face his aunt Nephtys (Inanna-Ištar), who has only one obsession, usurp the throne of Isis and take Horus as lover.


It is in this complex context that Horus will have to go to the end of his research, carry out the battle which opposes him to his uncle Seth, discover the origins of his family and, most complicated for him, accept who he truly is..."


Morphéus n ° 41 (September-October 2010)

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