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EDEN (Essay)

paper version 2012, ebook version 2021

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Original publication 2012

English translation 2020

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in printed version :


Beginning in 2006, Anton Parks took Sumerian lessons with Don Moore (1929-2010). Eden is his second essay, for which he will have spent thousands of hours deciphering and translating, between 2008 and 2011, a series of Sumerian tablets which relates the episodes of the Garden of Eden and the Fall of Man (Fault), which are at the origin of the first chapters of Genesis, although these were abundantly transformed by their multiple editors.


The book Eden restores the true story of the gods and the Garden of Eden, as the Sumerians knew it and as this episode was transmitted from generation to generation for millennia.


"[...] Eden, is the result of Anton Parks' decoding and translating Sumerian cuneiform texts from clay tablets, dated to C. 2800 BC. [...] These texts, he concludes, are the source material for the first chapters of the book of Genesis and would have been accessed by Jewish scribes during the captivity in Babylon C. 597 to 539 BC. Parks compares the cuneiform text translations with the biblical text and shows that serious misinterpretations were made in Genesis. [...] His rigorous analysis puts established beliefs into question".

Nexus UK, vol. 21, n°4, June-July 2014

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