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This exceptional book retraces for the very first time the path full of pitfalls that led Anton Parks to relate the Chronicles.The author reveals the reasons for which he also conducts archaeological investigations (essays), separate works, but largely complementary to his Chronicles. You will discover the journey of Hanael Parks who has overcome many challenges too.

Together, this couple of writers exposes courageously the malevolence and the shenanigans of those who are determined to destroy their lives and undermine their work ...

This book is a testimony. For the first time, the author of the famous series of Chronicles of Girku delivers unpublished revelations. How was Anton Parks became writter and researcher ? How did he receive his visions of another time?

In the face of adversity, and shenanigans, how did he know how to remain himself and not get lost in his quest? The thrilling tale narrates the trajectory of two beings in search of transcendence, whose destinies intertwine, to finally come together.

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Ⓒ Hanael Parks

Two souls discover each other, with restraint and modesty, seeking to reenchant reality. This testimony aims to give new meaning to hardships and to reflect the challenges that everyone can encounter when it is necessary to fight against malevolence, betrayal and injustice.

This modern, real fairy tale, populated by familiar monsters, allows us to approach and understand how the powerful bond that unites Anton and Hanael Parks was formed, beyond space, time and traps. This book reports an unprecedented revival in the personal lives of the two authors, but above all, a new turning point in their work and research.

French publication 2019
English translation 2022.

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