Ádam Genesis

- Ğirkù Chronicles 2

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"I believe it is important that we return to our starting point. What are we supposed to be like the "paranormal" experience, as we would be tempted to call it, of Parks? Readers will remember the central role played by the Gírkù in the 1st volume, "The Secret of the Dark Stars".


This magic object whose origin remains a deep mystery, itself already ancient when it was entrusted to Sa'am some 300,000 years before our era, the Gírkù has its own identity. He even has a name: Ugur, and happened to be Sa'am / Enki's faithful companion (as we will discover in this volume) and probably others who succeeded him.

Ugur displays highly virtuous characteristics as a personality, including loyalty to its owner and, it would seem, to Truth itself. Ugur is the eternal repository of all the historical data entrusted to it. Throughout Parks' books we see Sa'am / Enki and then Heru (Horus) recording in Ugur the chronicles of many millennia."

Sa'am-Enki Ⓒ Hanael Parks

"We learn that Mamitu-Nammu, Sa'am's "mother", did the same before him, others having followed him. And today, in this time of ours, Parks indicates that everything in his stories has gone back to us from that same Ugur.


Yet it is because all of this actually happened one day that we are no longer forced to face our future blind, without even the certainty of an identity to assume our destiny. We discover here that our past, for having been tragic, is nonetheless imbued with nobility - faced with the most ruthless enemies who are, once very close, and always very close to our days, to deprive us of our heritage as of our destiny. But nothing is yet decided."

Gerry Zeitlin
New York, mars 2007

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