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The Chaos of Origins


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Original publication 2015

English translation 2020

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"Beings from Below, locked in your sleep, wake up! Among you, some have converted Darkness into Light and Bitterness into Softness before ending up here." - Extract from Zohar, 4a 


In this essay, thanks to exegesis, Anton Parks reveals a preserved knowledge belonging to the past. His compilation of ancient texts restores an exceptional message from our origins.

Anton Parks transcripted all the most important texts linked to Creation : it's the essential key to understand the versions of Genesis, progressively made inconsistent as its was rewritten and altered. 


For the first time, you will successively discover in these pages all the rabbinical, Gnostic, apocryphal and intertestamentary versions as well as the restored descriptions of mythical figures such as Lilith and his twin Samael, Lucifer, the primordial Adam and the multiple Eve, the Serpent and the Angels ... 


The Mother Goddess, he perpetual conflict between a YHVH, destructive warrior, and the Elohim, is now a matter of fact : the millennial denial of official Bibles ends here, thanks to this essential essay, after hundreds of years of controversy.

One pivotal book for one great story: that of the Creation!

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