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The Virgin's


(Essay - 2009)

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This book is really stunning! It depicts the fratricidal struggles waged within the divine lineage of our mythologies, and especially the most extraordinary love story that humanity has contemplated, since it drew its founding roots from it. This saga and the ensuing assassination have shaped the very foundations of our world in the utmost secrecy.


All of the creative myths and sacred texts, from the Sumerian tablets to the New Testament, through the biblical writings, the Gnostic gospels and others, codively evoke concrete beings and historical facts that the scribes and the clergy of high antiquity wanted to both camouflage and rework, while retaining a tenuous memory of these events.

The thick veil of mysteries had one objective: to conceal from the heart of man a particular quest for spiritual and physical freedom, as well as one of the possible challenges of authority - the most subversive there is! Behind the Bible and the New Testament, behind Jesus, Mary, the Cross, the vault and the resurrection, loom in reality Sumer, Atlantis and Egypt, Osiris-Enki, Isis-Ereskigal, a sycamore, and especially the Great Pyramid of Giza, which turns out to be the most fabulous reborn machine ever built in the name of love.

An imposing instrument in which magic and high technology merge closely. Far from being speculative, the work of Anton Parks is based on a meticulous researchs. The author's archaeological framework is rigorous and his linguistic decompositions are absolutely breathtaking. The Testament of the Virgin is uncompromising: it clearly shows that man should not wait for a messiah because it has already come. Everything is already revealed, but hidden.

Man has been fashioned in the image of his creator "Gods" with all the elements in him to save himself. We simply need to wake up from a deep sleep of ignorance, in order to fully perceive the true nature of reality as well as the spirituality coiled at the bottom of our consciousness, a heritage that man shares with his "creators".

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