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T0 - Dream of Eternal Time

"Book of Nuréa"

- Ğirkù Chronicles 0

paper version 2015, ebook version 2020

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Original publication 2015

English translation 2020

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Our civilizations' founding myths are rooted in History. The Gnostic texts of Egypt teach us that the Great Goddess, the Heavenly Mother, contemplated the firmament for a long time in an attempt to get a glimpse of the Divine Light. Driven by her hopes and dreams, she left her idyllic world of the Pleroma (fullness) and dove into the infinite at the heart of the unfathomable regions of time and space. Her journey would to lead her to the source of eternity, that she wished to draw closer to, in order to draw inspiration from her Creative Power.

Carried away by the flow of the cosmic Abyss and dazzled by the Living Light, she was dragged towards a destiny that forged the foundations on which human civilizations still rely today. At the end of her infinite journey, the Mother-Goddess fell down onto an implacable world located light years away from the Pleroma from which she came from.


In The Dream of Eternal Time, Anton Parks guides us through the fascinating discovery of Life's founding and nourishing forces. His revelations expand our understanding of the genesis of the Universe and our Solar System, in the light of events that are largely anterior to the coming of celestial beings, as it is claimed in many of our traditions.


This transformative work sheds light on our ancestral conditioning : the origin of time and the black holes find a new and revolutionary meaning !

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